MARCH 30-APRIL 1, 2012


Dallas, TX…The invasion begins Friday, March 30th when the 6th Annual Rockers vs. Mods rolls into Dallas! This tribute to the 1960s British rivalry between the Mods and Rockers holds true to the subculture that bore the two clashing trends, but the three day bike show and music festival has been infused with a very Texas vibe with great music and jackassery of the best kind!

Born six years ago, by friends who each owned European Bikes & Italian Scooters and enjoyed the good-natured rivalry, the Dallas Rockers vs. Mods event has grown to become one of the largest of its kind in the United States boasting some 4,000 spectators and riders annually. This year promises to deliver even more of the hell-raising revelry and jackassery than ever before!

“Rockers vs. Mods is really a rock show and bike rally all rolled into one,” says event co-founder Mark Roberts.  “Some friends and I had been hanging out on our scooters for about ten years when the café scene started percolating (pun intended) and these other groups of guys started showing up on their old Triumphs and Nortons and about six years ago, one of them suggested we do a Rockers vs. Mods event. So, we took the idea and ran with it and added the musical element to it. It’s a great weekend to see some cool bands and great bikes and really enjoy the camaraderie that exists between all people who enjoy anything on two wheels.”

This year’s musical lineup features DJ Wild, The Dangits, The Gorehouds (voted best cover band by Dallas Observer), Johnny Tone, Glambilly, Black Dotz and Rude King.  Host venues for the event include the Belmont Hotel, Bryan Street Tavern, Vespa Dallas, Randy’s Scooter Museum, RPM Cycles, SMOKE and The Dub.

All this is FREE to spectators and $25 to register a European and Café style bike or Italian Scooter of any era.  Awards will be presented for Best Bike, Best Scooter, Best Wrapped Bike. Bike registration and scheduling information is available at


Gangs of mods and rockers fighting in 1964 sparked a moral panic about British youths, and the two groups were seen as folk devils.  The rockers adopted a macho biker gang image, wearing clothes such as black leather jackets.  The mods adopted a pose of scooter-driving sophistication, wearing suits and other clean-cut outfits.  By last 1966, the two subcultures had faded until a revival in the mid 80’s.  The purpose of this rally is to have an excuse to get out the gear, polish up the Nortons, Triumphs, BMW or Vespas, Lambrettas and Allstates depending on your allegiance and commemorate this unique period in motorcycle history. Mods vs. Rockers has been featured in a number of national television programs and publications including Cafe Racer.