Friday, March 30Saturday, April 1Sunday, April 2
5-7pm Meet & Greet at Belmont Hotel 11:00 am Rockers meet at RPM Cycles for lunch and shop tour! 11:00 am Mods meet at Vespa Dallas for lunch and shop tour!11pm Breakfast at BuzzBrews at Victory Plaza
7-11pm Ride to Strokers 1:00 pm All Ride to Strokers for the Main Event! There will be bands, rides and plenty to see, eat and do!12:30 Ride with leaving from the Buzzbrews Separate rides for bikes and scooters.
3-5 pm Bike Show Registration & Raffle Prizes hosted by North Texas Norton Owners Association2pm head to Dubliner.
6:30 pm Swag Rafflefin.
8pm Raffle Bike winner announced,