Friday, March 28Saturday, March 29Sunday, March 30
5-7pm Meet & Greet at Belmont Hotel 11:00 Meet at The Belmont for Scooter ride to Vespa Dallas for Free Lunch and to check out Randy's Emporium!11pm Breakfast at Smoke
7pm ride to Bowlounge . Bike parking, Sleazy Mancini And DJ Deluxe aka Mark Ridlin

Night RIde!

11:00 Meet at The Belmont for bike ride RPM Cycles to see some double naught secret bikes, tour the shop & have some Free Lunch.12:30 Ride with leaving from the Smoke! Separate rides for bikes and scooters.
1:30 pm All Ride to TBD to meet up for the group ride.2pm head to The Dubliner.
2pm Group Ridefin.
3pm Meet at Lee Harveys . Bands include; BAND LIST
with Charlie D. Park from KNON's Rockabilly Review!
There will also be random rides for those who want to explore the city, look for the Ride Captains
3-5pm Bike Show Registration & Raffle Prizes hosted by The North Texas Norton Owners Association.
6pm Bike Show winner announced
8pm Raffle Bike winner announced,

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